The Coach Approach

Our training Vision is to lay the foundation for those wanting to become an independent professional coach or to add the versatile “Coach Approach” to an existing profession.

As a Momentum Certified coach you’d achieve the following goals:

  • Meet the increasing demand for the Coach Approach in existing business delivery
  • Assist your clients to create inspiring visions for themselves and their lives;
  • Assist clients to identify and build on their strengths;
  • Assist clients to acknowledge weaknesses and focus on what’s working;
  • Help clients to have useful insights, moving them forward;
  • Inspire clients by raising their expectations of what’s possible;
  • Empower clients with practical and philosophical techniques and tools; Motivate clients to sustain focus and momentum to achieve fulfillment and success;
  • And ultimately help them to create the life they love.​


the Coach approach