“This course taught me so much about myself and other people. It was interesting, rewarding, challenging and life-changing. Quality training in a supportive, caring environment.”


The end of our training came upon us far too quickly..it almost felt a tad surreal this evening..how sad for all of us. Quite amazing to consider our diverse little group and how we have all grown so fond of each other, Thank you for creating a wonderful environment to learn and to grow ..it has opened up all sorts of possibilities for us all. I know in my heart that each and every one of us will incorporate our new skills into our lives moving forward.


I just want to say thank you for being such an awesome trainer. As trainees you not only passed on valuable skills on how we can help others, but you helped us see insight into our own lives. I thoroughly enjoyed both Level 1 and Level 2 courses and feel honored that I now have the skill to move forward into a coaching career.

Furthermore, your after sales service is fantastic! We leave your safety net from coaching into the huge ocean of life to cast our own nets and as beginners in most fields, the ocean seems massive to us so when we know we can call on you for direction, it not only gives us peace of mind, but confidence that we pursue our careers successfully.


I wanted to take the time to send a big THANK YOU your way! I am so loving the Advanced Coaching Course.

Words fail to articulate what the training has given me, but I will give it a go….I am far more confident to articulate what I feel. I have unravelled some ‘stuff’ which previously I did not fully understand, however due to the new skills I have acquired I have a depth of understanding that has uncluttered my mind. Even more exciting is that I finally feel like the coaching has clicked for me!… I am now comfortable in my approach and what I have to offer as a Coach.

I read a FB post about honoring strong women in our lives; as I processed through the files in my mind your face popped into mind, so I wanted to share with you that I think you have constructed a mind-blowingly fabulous course, right on the button in terms of relevance and skill level. On a personal level, your inner resource and motivation to succeed are truly inspiring. You are amongst the most powerful people I have met and I am happy to know you. I wish you great prosperity with the growth of Momentum.


Having completed the foundation and advanced coaching course with Viv at Momentum, I can honestly say that the experience has been life – changing. On the journey of training to become a life coach, I have experienced profound, positive effects in my own life, beyond my expectations. I have clarity, a fresh understanding of myself and my place in the world, enhanced relationships and a new sense of purpose. I have already begun to coach others who are already benefiting from Momentum’s unique coaching model and look forward to expanding my coaching career and helping many others on their own unique journeys.


Viv’s course is the best course I have ever done (compared against my university degree, MBA and professional qualification). It’s given me the greatest amount of personal growth and awareness in the shortest amount of time.


Working with Viv has been absolutely wonderful. I began our first session with a little trepidation that I was going to be ‘told how to do things better’, and was pleasantly surprised with the warmth, friendliness and support with which Viv conducted her coaching.

Not only has she helped me with learn new tools for managing staff, she has shown me a new way of looking at difficult issues. Each session was extremely beneficial and I looked forward to our discussions and her insights. I was able to walk away from those sessions confident of the skills I had and the skills I had learnt.

I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever recommending Viv’s coaching to anyone, whether for a certain issue, career or personal development.


Viv thank you it was a fabulous course, so much learned and gained. I realise that I can be difficult sometimes (learning to keep my mouth shut, is a lesson ongoing) but even so, I have taken and learned so much about myself. Some things I fear will never change but as you said every aspect has both positive and negative so i guess it is about accepting it all. The work you teach is life changing and as we go out to coach, so many lives are changed because of your training. The impact is huge. appreciate it all, wishing you all the very best success.