Our Graduates

What a dynamic and diverse Foundation group!

It was an honour to walk alongside the personal growth in this group: Kim Malone (left) has a gentle and direct style, helping her clients find rewarding Careers, Health and Wellbeing; Kelly Samson, a Senior Business Analyst, has a direct and holistic style, coaching Personal Power (including Personal and Business); Tracy Munton (our awesome trainer); Paul Monohan, is a skilled Leadership Coach and is exploring Pastoral Support; Holly Roberson is a Personal Trainer, combining it all for maximum effectiveness in her “Why Weight?” Health, Fitness and Weight Management Coaching; Carl Freidmond is an inspiring young man, one of our Momentum 4 Youth Coaches. I will miss the stimulating dynamic and quality coaching.

Advanced graduates:

Dee Jordan and Derek Haggerty… two very inspiring and gifted people! Dee has become our Momentum 4 Youth area co-ordinator and Youth Coach, as well as building her own “Love Life” business. Derek travelled to Auckland from Wellington every week for 6 months, showing his incredible personal determination. He is developing his motivational public speaking, his coaching company “I-Kan”, and particularly enjoys working with men and the transition, especially