The Coach Approach

Course Structure

The Momentum Life Coach Training is designed with the individual student in mind. The atmosphere of the classes is comfortable, safe and fun, maximising the growth of all involved. The trainers, Vivienne Kelly, Sarah Lanigan and Tracy Munton are passionate about empowering coaches to be confident in the quality of service and value that they offer their clients. The more quality coaches there are out there, the better for the growth of our profession… and the bigger our impact on the world…

We meet 1 day a week for 12 consecutive weeks. Each 4-hour class consists of a useful balance between theory and practical application. The students’ individual learning styles are carefully considered and respected. The small-group structure enables the pace of the classes to be tailored to the ability and comfort of the students.

Course Contents

The Momentum Life Coach Level 1 Programme comprises of 60+ Coach-Specific Training hours and the Level 2 Programme comprises of a further 65+ hours. The 11 ICF (International Coach Federation) Core Competencies, including the 70 detailed competencies, are used as its fundamental framework. All behaviours, processes, tools and skills are directly relevant to the competencies, enabling the coaches to master them from the outset. This framework supports the students’ ACC and PCC credentialing process, via the ICF’s Portfolio Application route. For further details on credentialing see

Our philosophy is passionately modelled on a Co-active Partnership Approach.See details for Level 1 or Level 2 training.