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Our Graduates

It has been an honour to work alongside and train the wonderful groups, both Foundation and Advanced, that have just graduated.  Congratulations to all you amazing people.

What a dynamic and diverse Foundation group!   It was an honour to walk alongside the personal growth in this group: Kim Malone (left) has a gentle and direct style, helping her clients find rewarding Careers, Health and Wellbeing; Kelly Samson, a Senior Business Analyst, has a direct and holistic style, coaching Personal Power (including Personal and Business); Tracy Munton (our awesome trainer); Paul Monohan, is a skilled Leadership Coach and is exploring Pastoral Support; Holly Roberson is a Personal Trainer, combining it all for maximum effectiveness in her "Why Weight?" Health, Fitness and Weight Management Coaching; Carl Freidmond is an inspiring young man, one of our Momentum 4 Youth Coaches. I will miss the stimulating dynamic and quality coaching.

Advanced graduates: Dee Jordan and Derek Haggerty... two very inspiring and gifted people! Dee has become our Momentum 4 Youth area co-ordinator and Youth Coach, as well as building her own "Love Life" business.  Derek travelled to Auckland from Wellington every week for 6 months, showing his incredible personal determination.  He is developing his motivational public speaking, his coaching company "I-Kan", and particularly enjoys working with men and the transition, especially in to dadhood.  

 Advanced Graduates from the left: Toni Kapeli, our gentle coach with passion and depth; Debby Fox, specialising in Careers; Stephen Ryan who loves working with confidence-building and youth; Olivia Harvey, one of our treasured Momentum 4 Youth coaches; Saskia Trask, a talented Events Facilitator who is building her business working with young women; Blazenka Roje, an engineer with the passion to balance the whole person - on an inspiring journey of growth... it has been a wonderful 6 month journey with you guys. Such special moments shared... I look forward to our next group reunion.  Who's place next?

Sharon Kerr, Linda Fawcett, Jo Van Der Walle,

Sharon its exciting to know that the coaching skills are being taken into the schools by such a natural teacher and leader. What a powerful string to add to your leadership bow.

Linda I will miss your warm, nurturing and structured style.

Jo interest in wellness and organisation, gentle and caring - wishing you all the best for your exciting plans. 

 "The Powerhouse Group!": Dee Jordan - your joy and enthusiasm is contagious; Machelle your Business savvy and strength are to be admired; Carol-Anne, your knowledge and attention to the scientific and researched along with your coaching passion, are a given success-formula; and Derek... you inspire me... so real, so determined, so inspiring. "I-Kan" is a company that just has to grow...

Holly Robinson,  June Lily Holyoake, Donna Johnson

Weight Management Programme

Holly I really admire your focus and determination to grow and desire to support others to do the same.  Your personal training  is the perfect platform to make that difference.

JL our diverse and holistic wise lady who inspires and empowers women with everything from weight management to business.

Donna is inspiring the way she balances her beautiful, open spiritual self with a truly powerful coaching style. What a natural addition to your personal training business.


Foundation Graduates: Kerry Ambler, Vivienne Kelly (Trainer), Olivia Harvey, Michael Overend. Absent from Photo - Debby Barry.  Congratulations to this talented group! Kerry is looking to grow a coaching business using his extensive business background, while Olivia and Debby are continuing their commitment to coaching by going straight on with Advanced. Welcome to them and I look forward to a rich journey of growth for all. Michael is off on a wonderful trip and we'll see him in February for Advanced.  Have fun!
Needless to say there was plenty of laughter in this group of Foundation Graduates: Toni Kapeli, Liz Cole, Saskia Trask, Blazenka Roje, Jo Lanigan, and our 'thorn amongst his roses' Stephen Ryan.  Stephen is considering using his experience in running programmes for kids and teens to coach teenagers; while the others are allowing their niches to evolve further during Advanced. I am thrilled that this entire group, bar one - our Lovely Liz, has moved straight on to Advanced. Liz we will miss you, but we know we will see you soon. Olivia Harvey (possibly specialising in teens) and Debby Barry (who wants to work with women in transition), have joined this group to make up one very dynamic 'movement' of coaches. (That's my attempt at coming up with a collective noun for coaches - open to ideas haha.) Saskia is already on the roll with her coaching business "For Me with Love", specialising in empowering young women.

Advanced Graduates: Fraser Stirling, Jan Copeland, (Trainer Viv Kelly) and Somesh Eladchunamar. The depth and quality of coaching from these coaches is amazing.  What a privilege to be a part of their journey. Fraser is launching his coaching career as a Personal Success Coach in the Tauranga area. (He has however proven he’s willing to travel!) Congratulations to Jan who is joining our affiliate team.  Her warmth permeates coaching of all topics, and she has a particular interest in Body Image coaching; and Somesh leans towards Life Purpose, Career and Spiritual Coaching or anything that requires depth of clarity and perspective. 

Congratulations to the newest Foundation graduates: 

Bridget Ellis, (Viv Kelly), and Isobel Coleman.  What professional ladies. I’ll miss our little group, and look forward to your Advanced journey.

And my Precious Advanced Coaches...

What a journey it has been.  It has been an honour to observe the growth of these women...on both a personal and coaching skill level.  What a rich group dynamic! Thank you for all I have learnt from you all.

Julianne Harvey, Steph Wickstead, Angela Greig, (Viv), Lara Smith and Mandy Aarons.


Our very skilled Advanced graduates: Lynne Davies (5th Avenue Coaching), also an NLP practitioner; Shirley Lockwood (Empowering Minds Life Coaching), specialising in Women’s Self-esteem and rebuilding confidence after abuse; Nicola Keen-Biggelaar (Beacon Light Coaching) specialising in coaching care-givers - Who cares for the care-giver!; Jacqui Knight (Knightsbridge Coaching) our Executive and Relationship Coach; and Gary Passmore (Defining Moments) our Personal Success Coach. What an incredible group! I will miss them every Saturday! 

And awesome Advanced group, Liesl Hermann, Gabi Wehler, (trainer Viv Kelly), Stephanie Wickstead, (and assistant trainer Heather Mills.) Liesl is our dynamic ‘think-outside-the-square-love-life-coach’; Gabi (Clarity Coaching) specialises in working mothers - in and out of corporate environments; and Steph (Boost Life Coaching) particularly likes to work with men and women rebuilding themselves and their lives after a tough deal. What an honour to work with these coaches, who are getting out there and making a difference.

Foundation 2015 Carrie Kiddle, Sharleen Greer (asst. trainer), Kim Wyatt, Haydon Mace, Siarn Stowers & Kylie Leggoe. (Absent from photo Pip Beets)

Carries strong interest in personal development, especially supporting those with addictions and mental health challenges.

You are our sunshine bubble.

Kim, her outside the box thinking and professionalism adds a power to her coaching ability is a perfect fit for your interest in business and personal coaching.

Haydon we appreciated his gentle masculinity - and sharing views from the male perspective. A refreshing role model for young men.  (I'm dying to groom him to be the ultimate couple coach as the industry is screaming out for men of his high calibre)

Kylie I'm interested to see what niche she chooses with the Advanced Program as anything you touch turns to gold. Her warmth, smile and determination is highly contagious. Watch this space! 


Foundation 2015 Lindsay Voice, Connie Wright, Julie George, Colleen Fox, Samantha Harpur, Rachel Tynan & Mei Barry - congratulations Mei on your success in the Miss Universe NZ pageant.

Advanced Coaches; Carrie Kiddle- Mental Healh, Sam Harpur - focusing on Women, Rachel Tynan - Health

Foundation 2015 Our fantastic health & well-being group; Mel Burdett combining yoga & coaching, Buck Stowers and Lucretia Stowers combining coaching into their existing Revolutionary Weight Loss gym program & Sophie Alexander enhancing personal training experiences with a focus on young women.

CHCH Foundation; Lisa Barr combining coaching with clinical psychology, Robin Hughes & Kelly Cotterell, (absent Wendy Schmidt)

Momentum Trainers - Carole Suckling & Sharleen Greer - would you believe this is not a uniform just a coincidence.
Advanced 2015; Wendy Sim, Haydon Mace - Couples Coach, Connie Wright, Lindsay Voice - Holistic Practitioner.


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