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Momentum for Weight Management

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Momentum for Weight Management: A Holistic Approach

So what exactly makes Momentum for Weight Management different?  Every weight loss or ‘diet’ program claims to be THE ONE!  And in some ways, they are all correct: we know that most of those programs work if you stick to them.  BUT what makes it so hard to stick to them and why do we gain it all back (plus more) afterwards?

What makes us resist and sabotage our previously formidable disciplined efforts to ‘be good’? What makes us crave foods that are going to overload our system and lurk as fat in all the unwanted places? What slows down our metabolism to store calories and make us feel too sluggish to get out there and move? What makes our hormones dictate what, how much and whether to burn/release or store?

The answer is in our thoughts, our beliefs, and our emotions. Unless we address the underlying cause (and benefits) of holding on to fat, none of those ‘calories-in-calories-out’ approaches will work long term.

And that is what makes Momentum for Weight Management Coaches different. We coach and address what’s REALLY going on mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually in order to naturally align the physical body with health and slimness. We bring to our clients the support, motivation, and insights that make the releasing of excess fat natural, easy and permanent.  It is a totally different process for each person. There is NO 'one-size/approach-fits-all’ solution!  Each person is unique in their thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  It requires time, skill and insight to uncover each person’s unique fat-releasing button. Then and only then, will any focused efforts to ‘lose, gain or maintain weight’ be sustainable.

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