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Momentum NLP for Coaches - Step up to the Next Level

NLP is gaining, understanding & confidently using the instruction manual for the mind.

Imagine seeing yourself clearly as the best coach you can be, fully tuned in and naturally feeling the authentic connection between your clients, team and family as you grow and move in harmony together.  You empower and motivate people to achieve their goals, seeing the results resonating through their lives and hearing the wonderful feedback.  The Momentum NLP for Coaches Course distills the essential coaching specific tools and techniques of NLP into this powerful course. 

The course has two main aims; 
Your accelerated development to be your best possible self, being ‘you’ even better.
Secondly, is for you to confidently use the Coaching Essential NLP tools and techniques to empower your coaching clients, employees, team and family in achieving their full happiness and success

This practical 8-week course is packed with the essential NLP coaching information, tools and techniques that work to add the effective, powerful and successful skills to your coaching repertoire. Hands on practice of all the key NLP skills is included every week to ensure your full ability and confidence.


To be held at the Momentum offices in Auckland. 8 x Saturdays starting 25th June and running until the 13th of August.  10am - 3pm.  Investment: $1,895. To find out more about all the key NLP information, skills and techniques you will gain contact Kelly Samson directly on 027 5555 907.

You Will Learn How To Confidently:
  • Communicate and influence more effectively to a larger range of people
  • Develop and maintain rapport with others, staying focused and present
  • Understand and use sub-modalities to connect with others easier and deeper
  • Expand your client’s options and opportunities
  • Build confidence, sense of worth and self-belief in yourself and clients
  • Use a range of NLP frames to set direction and craft agreement
  • Eliminate unwanted feelings such as stress, guilt, anxiety and procrastination 
  • Positively change your clients limiting behaviours, beliefs and unwanted habits
  • Empower others to rapidly recognise blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding them back
  • Anchoring techniques to recall great feelings and experiences in an instant
  • Construct empowering well formed outcomes
  • Guide others into a deeply relaxed (trance) state where growth and learning occur faster
  • Design, develop and apply high performance states
  • Apply NLP Triple positions and perceptual positions
  • Use past and future timeline perspectives to help clients
  • Calibrate clients and adjust your coaching approach accordingly
  • Correctly use your own and your client’s brain programming language
  • And more…
Instructor - Kelly Samson

Kelly is a professional Life and Business Coach who is passionate about empowering people to achieve more than they thought possible and to be their best. He supports clients to see their full goals and aspirations and then to grow, stretch and develop to achieve these. As a Coach he serves clients to ignite their self-belief, to live authentically, create excitement, confidence and motivation in their lives. His aim is to support you, challenge you, offer fresh perspectives and create imaginative solutions to empower you to positively move forward and fully enjoy all areas of your life. 

Kelly is qualified NLP Instructor, Business Mentor and Momentum Advanced Coach.  Kelly lives by his core values of authenticity, integrity and contribution

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