Thursday, 19 May 2022

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Transforming Your Communication for Instant Results

This course is ideal for anyone who is committed to improving their relationships and enjoying life.

Authentic Communication and Conflict Resolution is a powerful workshop that empowers you to build co-operative harmonious relationships that you always dreamed of both at home and at work.  You will learn and practice key skills for building authentic relationships that work where everyone feels happy.  You’ll have confidence using these trans formative skills successfully to build lasting quality relationships in all aspects of your life.

You Will Learn How to Confidently: 
  • Build trusting relationships with others
  • Assert your needs and get heard
  • Reduce pressure and stress
  • Choose the right communication skills at the right time
  • Help others solve their own problems
  • Resolve conflicts effectively
  • Influence others attitudes and beliefs positively 
  • Improve relationships that have been difficult in the past
You will gain a thorough understanding of where things have gone wrong in the past, such as:
  • Why you get into arguments when you were only trying to help 
  • Why you just can’t see eye to eye with someone, despite only wanting what’s best
  • Why your child yelled back at you and refuses to listen to what you now say
  • Why your staff and colleagues have stopped sharing their concerns with you
  • Why you’re not enjoying the fullest connection possible in your relationships
Book Now

To be held at the Momentum offices in Auckland. 3 x Saturdays starting 6th August and running until the 20th of August.  10am - 4.30pm.  Investment: $665.00 for individual or $995.00 for couples. To book your place or find out more about this course contact Kelly directly on 027 5555 907.

Who Will Benefit from these Skills?

Think about the last time you were in conflict with someone and how often it is a familiar pattern that seems to repeat. Disagreements, arguments and conflicts happen in families, parenting, relationships, workplaces, friends – (unfortunately) everywhere.  Now imagine how liberating and empowering it will be when you know exactly what to say and do that enables you to stay calm, listen to the other person and communicate clearly your concerns.   Imagine how enjoyable finding the win/win solution for both of will be.

Instructor - Kelly Samson

Kelly is a professional Life and Business Coach who is passionate about empowering people to achieve more than they thought possible and to be their best. He supports clients to see their full goals and aspirations and then to grow, stretch and develop to achieve these. As a Coach he serves clients to ignite their self-belief, to live authentically, create excitement, confidence and motivation in their lives. His aim is to support you, challenge you, offer fresh perspectives and create imaginative solutions to empower you to positively move forward and fully enjoy all areas of your life. 

Kelly is qualified NLP Instructor, Business Mentor and Momentum Advanced Coach.  Kelly lives by his core values of authenticity, integrity and contribution